February 5, 2016

Quality Management

The increasing rate of business change and customer expectations continues to place great demands on service operations. Just keeping pace is no longer an option as continuously improving to get and remain in front of change is the imperative in both government and in business.

With these ever-present demands, the threefold challenge becomes knowing :

  • where to allocate limited resources to be most effective,
  • how those resources should work most efficiently, and
  • how to make these  work improvements lasting.

Our quality management approach helps you identify:

  • where to get rid of costs that hamper business goals,
  • where to reinvest in value-added initiatives, and
  • what quality framework is best for sustaining your new direction.

We assess agency and business needs and goals before identifying a quality framework. Only then do we help design and implement the right Quality Management System that best meets your business goals.

JDI and its strategic partners possess deep strategy and quality management experience in government and in business.

Our Competencies:

  • Strategy Development and Execution
  • Balanced Scorecard Development
  • ISO 9001 Service and Certification
  • Malcolm Baldrige Criteria -based Assessment
  • Change Management
  • Continuity of Operations Planning
  • Operational Risk Assessment
  • Process Discovery, Modeling and Simulation
  • Supply Chain and Workflow Optimization
  • Efficiency Studies and Implementation
  • Productivity Studies and Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Business Process Analysis & Re-engineering
  • Continuous Process Improvement

NAICS: 541420 , 541611, 541612, 541614, 541618
PSC: R406, R408, R699, R704, R707