February 5, 2016

People Development

As the rate of business change and increasing customer expectations continue to place demands on service operations, the demand for a highly skilled workforce changes with it. The reality is the demand for highly skilled worker availability is outpacing the supply. Developing the existing internal workforce may be the solution.

How then do government agencies and businesses:

  • manage their workforce ability to carry out work processes through its people’s knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies, and
  • engage their workforce to achieve organizational and personal success?

Our People Development approach begins on the basis that workforce capability is the only sustainable competitive advantage. We can help grow your workforce key skills capability for sustaining business transformation. We offer diverse learning mediums including virtual, computer based, group, and hands-on project coaching.

Our Competencies:

  • Behavioral and Skill Assessments
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • PMBOK® based Project Management
  • Lean Six Sigma Training, Coaching & Execution
  • Agile Project Management
  • Team Development
  • Client Defined Subject Matter

NAICS:  611430, 541618, 561320
PSC : U008,  R703