JDI is a management consulting company that can help you deliver the highest quality service quickly and cost-effectively to your internal and external customers. We blend Operational, Integrated Technology, and Talent Development Services to drive business results. Our Operations Services can help you identify the right work aligned to strategy and maximize value in your operations. Integrated Technology Services pick up with process transformation materially embedding better controls into your operations. Finally we help transition to self-sustainability through our Talent Development Services. This end to end offering makes the best use of solutions in both business management and information technology delivering benefits in operational performance and strategic outcomes.

Build and Improve Solid Service Delivery From The Process Level Up

So What: We can help you develop insight into the true state of operations. Discover and optimize what is needed to move closer to high performance.


Amplify and Automate Processes with Integrated Technology

So What: We can help you develop, implement, and maintain the right technical solution that extracts the maximum value from your processes.


Replicate and Sustain Processes through Workforce Capabilities

So What: We can help transformation move to self-sustainability by teaching what we know so your people have the right competencies and capabilities.

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A little about who we are and what we stand for
JDI provides professional services that help you do the right things right with solutions in operations, technology, and talent.

Our team brings together experienced and talented professionals from diverse sectors and industries. We possess deep analytical and problem-solving skills from the best of industry, public services, healthcare, and top-tier consulting.

JDI is a company whose focus is to help move its clients to high performance and excellence. Knowing our focus is just as important as knowing what it is not.

To deliver excellence we do not attempt to be all things. Our focus is to help you identify the critical few factors that drive strategy and high performance, align the business to the critical few, and help develop and implement the actions needed to deliver and sustain.

JDI is just one of millions of small businesses helping drive the American economy.

Our small business size affords us the adaptability, agility, flexibility and nimbleness to quickly make changes according to our clients’ changing internal conditions or to exploit external trends and opportunities.

JDI actively seeks out other Veteran Owned Small Businesses to team with. We value our service women and men’s past and present sacrifices in defense of our freedoms and liberty.

  • Our team

    The best at what we do.

  • our focus

    High performance.

  • our size

    Speed, agility and purpose.

  • Our Veterans

    To whom we are all thankful.

To Help Government Agency and Business Leaders Build High Performing Organizations

Mutually and Collaboratively Balance Interests Between Client and Us
Scope Project Work Fairly, Ethically and Properly
Support a Results-Oriented View for The Work That You Hire Us
Deliver the Highest Value for the Complete Work You Hire Us

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